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Private Health Management vs. Regular Health Insurance

Posted by Patronus Medical on Oct 29, 2018 12:00:00 PM


There are significant differences between health insurance (whether through private plans with shared costs with an employer or paid for out-of-pocket) and private health management. The major difference? One can provide a level of care that far exceeds the other. Here’s why:

Private Medicine: Preventative Care vs. “Sick Care”

When patients choose private health management, they are paying for a comprehensive level of service and personal care that goes beyond simply getting treated when they notice symptoms. Regular insurance often does not cover the types of preventative screenings private medicine offers, according to Lisa Gerstner of Kiplinger. On top of this, private health management usually includes comprehensive health and wellness planning to help patients stay healthy for the long-term. This mitigates costs that might incur down the road if a patient did not take preventative steps – costs associated with hospital stays, surgeries, and prescription medications.

Highly Personalized Service vs. the Average

Private health management offers highly personalized service, something health insurance is definitely not known for. Rather than sitting in a crowded waiting room for hours, patients who rely on private health management get quicker, often direct, access to their physicians/care providers, according to Russ Alan Prince, a contributor for This also means on-call routine and emergency telemedicine, including diagnosis and treatment. Finally, private medicine practices service far fewer patients than standard practices, which means each individual patient gets to form a better relationship with their care provider, according to Healthline.

On-the-Go Medicine vs. Home-Based Care

For people who travel a lot for work or pleasure, availability of healthcare overseas and managing health risks is a huge issue. With regular insurance, they might not be covered if they need care in a different country, and finding a reliable care provider far away from home can be difficult. With private health management, on the other hand, patients have access to their physicians from any location, and most practices offer services that will help patients find a reputable care provider in a different country if needed.

Private Health Management

The differences between regular health insurance plans and private medicine all come down to how much individual attention the patient will receive. With services like Patronus Medical, the patient is taken care of no matter where they go in the world. With one point of contact, they have access to a medical team that is intimately familiar with their history, wellness plans, and health needs. This kind of personalized care is simply not possible with regular health insurance plans. For elite care with some of the best doctors from around the world, count on personal service from Patronus Medical.



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