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Patronus Medical COVID-19 Update - 014

Posted by Kerri Wright on May 8, 2020 9:19:13 AM


29 April 2020

Current as of 1200 EDT/ 0900 PDT



C urrent COVID-19 Statistics:

3,170,335 - Worldwide Cases (198,696 increase, up 6.7%)*

958,353 - Worldwide Recovered

224,708 - Worldwide Fatalities


1,013,168 - U.S. Cases (47,226 increase, up 4.9%)*

116,776 - U.S. Recovered

59,446 - U.S. Fatalities



United States Locations

7,209 - Arizona Cases

46,507 - California Cases (1,307 increase, up 3%)*

609 - Hawai’i Cases

1,952 - Idaho Cases

451 - Montana Cases

299,691 - New York Cases (4,352 increase, up 2.7%)*

- 164,841 - New York City Cases (6,062 increase, up 4.3%)

4,919 - Nevada Cases

10,107 - North Carolina Cases

10,052 - Tennessee Cases

26,918 - Texas Cases (1,597 increase, up 6%)*


*Calculations based on previous day’s statistics


Daily Message:

Countries are now looking to reopen and have begun defining strategies to unwind restrictive measures. In most cases national governments are offering general guidance, but interpretation and implementation if left to the local authorities. Several key criteria have emerged as necessities for keeping people healthy as they return to public life: one, the availability of widespread testing; two, the ability for medical facilities to cope with surges; three, adherence to social distancing and personal hygiene practices until the outbreak has abated. There is a global consensus that a phased easing of restrictions with effective monitoring mechanisms will be most effective.


Important Updates:

International Desk

NORTH AMERICA - Travel restrictions between the U.S. and Canada/Mexico land borders have been extended until 20 May.


CANADA - Canadian is experiencing a decrease in infection rates, now doubling every three days to 16; however, its death rate remains remarkably high. The Prime Minister attributes this to high infection rates in senior care centers. He reiterated yesterday that social distancing measures will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.


  • Quebec has installed checkpoints for vehicles entering the province permitting only essential traffic to pass.
  • New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Islands, and Yukon provinces are requesting all travelers from outside the region to self-isolate for a period of 14 days.
  • Nunavut and The Northwest Territories have banned all non-residents from entering with some exceptions..


MEXICO - Mexico has experienced a 91% increase in cases in the last week from just under 9,000 to nearly 17,000. Mexico City has the highest number of active cases at over 1,500. The number of cases in the state of Baja California Sur remains low at 306 total cases, with the majority (109) found in the municipality of Los Cabos.

  • A stay-at-home order is in effect until 30 May.


UNITED STATES - Another U.S. Navy ship has fallen victim to the virus. The U.S.S. Kidd pulled into the San Diego port yesterday with nearly 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The sailors on board have been placed in quarantine and the ship is being disinfected. The destroyer is charged with patrolling narcotic trafficking in the East Pacific. With the ship out of commission, secondary repercussions of the global spread of the virus surface.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO): The WHO released a statement over the weekend informing the public that the antibodies developed within the body to fight COVID-19 may not be a guarantee of immunity from future coronavirus infections. The assertion is based on the evidence to date and will be updated if continued research proves otherwise.


AFRICA - Last week the continent saw a 43% increase in reported COVID-19 infections despite low rates of testing. Many of the continent’s 54 nations have imposed rigid restrictions on movement, but as resources are shifted toward containment efforts, the WHO expresses concern over food insecurity and increased incidence of malaria.


ASIA - Some of Asia’s Eastern countries have been experiencing a “second wave” of infection which prompted a retriggering of lockdowns and travel restrictions; however some of those countries such as Japan and Hong Kong, have seen a decline in cases this week. This has prompted government officials to consider easing restrictions in the coming weeks.


SINGAPORE - With infections now standing at over 15,500. the country now has the third most total cases in Asia behind China and India. The majority of cases are in migrant worker communities and are said to be imported from abroad. The nation-city has extended its lockdown until 1 June.


CARIBBEAN - Many of the island nations continue to report few infections, with the Dominican Republic an exception. However, secondary economic repercussions face the region as thoughts look beyond the COVID crisis.


ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA - Authorities have extended the nationwide lockdown until 13 May.

  • Residents are only permitted to leave their homes for essential reasons or exercise from 0600-1800.
  • People are obliged to wear face masks in public places.
  • VC Bird International Airport has extended its closure to commercial flights until 14 May.
    • Persons with a travel history to: Canada, China, Europe, Iran, South Korea, Singapore, and the S. within the past 28 days WILL NOT be permitted into the country.
  • All maritime ports are closed until 14 May, including yachts regardless of flag.
  • A state of emergency is in effect until 23 May.


THE BAHAMAS - In an effort to curb an undue burden on the country’s limited medical resources, the government has implemented a rigid lockdown and has prohibited all tourists from entering the country.

  • The country is currently under a 24 hour curfew until 30 April, activities like grocery shopping are permitted.


  • Grocery shopping is strictly regulated and allowed on days based on the first letter of a person’s last name.
  • A total lockdown is in effect every weekend in April (2100 Friday - 0500 Monday), all stores will be closed.
  • All airports, beaches, and seaports are closed including domestic travel. Some flights to the U.S. are permitted, click here for more information from the U.S. Embassy in Nassau.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (D.R.) - Today, the government will vote to approve an extension of the state of emergency until 16 May. The measure is expected to pass which would push out the existing 30 April deadline.

  • A nationwide curfew is in place until 30 April, residents must stay home from 1700-0600 (5pm-6am).
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in public.
  • All air, land, and sea borders are closed until 30 April.
  • Effective 28 April until 5 May, entry in and out of Puerto Plata is prohibited.


EUROPEAN UNION (E.U.) - In response to many countries cresting the peak of the virus, the E.U. has released a roadmap for getting member states and the bloc out of confinement and safely back to work. Much like the efforts in the United States, domestic policies will be determined by local governments. While many European countries have begun easing of restrictions within their borders, the approach to permitting international travel varies. Some countries like Germany have extended restrictions on travel out to mid-June while others like Croatia which depend heavily on tourism, are considering allowing visitors from countries with low infection rates.


GERMANY - One of the continent’s first countries to begin a phased easing of restrictions has seen its first daily increase in new cases in three days. Chancellor Merkel and regional leaders will meet on Thursday to discuss the terms of the next phase of the easing of restrictions set to go into effect on 6 May.


ITALY - The country has been experiencing a constant downward trend in infections and as such the Prime Minister announced a gradual easing of restrictions.

  • Lockdown measures are in place until 3 May.
  • 4 May, parks will reopen to visitors and residents may visit relatives and attend funerals.


PORTUGAL - The country is set to commence its COVID-19 exit strategy on 3 May which will include the widespread use of protective equipment. The government is set to announce its comprehensive plan on 30 April.

  • A state of emergency (lockdown policy) is in effect until 2 May.


SPAIN - The Prime Minister has stressed that there will be a measured and calculated easing of restrictions and is hopeful for a return to life under a “new normal” by mid-June.

  • The country is under lockdown until 9 May, but people may go outside for exercise beginning 2 May.
  • Border crossings with Portugal are prohibited and have been extended until 15 May.


OCONUS Desk - The number of cases in the U.S reached a grim benchmark yesterday, now standing at over 117,000 infections. The country’s economy shrank at a 4.8% annual rate, a figure that has not been seen since 2008. Both the federal and state governments are eager to restart the economy. Many states are looking toward the next chapter in the outbreak cycle and gradual unwinding of restrictive mandates. The White House has urged that lockdown measures only be relaxed and reponening steps initiated if: there is a two week downward trend in cases; hospitals in the area are adequately equipped for a surge; and widespread testing available. However, some states are ignoring the guidance and have commenced reopening while other states are looking to roll back restrictive policies in early May.


ARIZONA - The governor has yet to decide whether the stay-at-home order will be extended beyond Thursday, but will take cue from the Director of Health and Human services on the best way forward. When the time comes to loosen restrictions, the governor insists it will be gradually.

  • Residents are under a stay-at-home order until 30 April.
  • Public parks remain open, social distancing is encouraged.
  • Elective surgeries will recommence 1 May if the facility meets certain criteria.


CALIFORNIA - Governor Newsom rolled out a four-part plan yesterday as a roadmap to get the state up and running in a safe manner. The state is currently in Phase I of the plan, stay-at-home and flatten the curve. Phase II involves a tempered easing of workplace restrictions for industries where teleworking is not a possibility. The third phase of the roadmap consists of opening personal care businesses like gyms, hair salons, and religious gatherings, but is not expected to be implemented for several months. Finally, Phase IV will open the “highest risk parts of the economy” i.e. concerts and live audience sporting events. The state has already seen a mild relaxing of restrictions as many beaches and parks opened this week.

  • A statewide stay-at-home order is in place.
  • Some beaches and parks (county dependent).
  • Medical facilities can recommence elective surgeries.


HAWAI’I - New cases have emerged this week in Maui bringing the county’s total to 115, second only to Ohau with 396 cases.

  • The governor extended the stay-at-home order until 31 May.
  • Travelers are required to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Essential employees are mandated to wear a face mask while at work.
  • Beaches and parks have been opened for exercise.


IDAHO - The governor announced a four step plan to reopen the state beginning 1 May and continuing through 13 June. From 1-15 May spaces like houses of worship and daycares can open barring adherence to strict sanitation and social distancing practices. Personal care businesses such as gyms and salons as well as restaurants will be permitted to open 16 May.

Restaurants will be required to submit approval to local public health districts. Phase III (30 May) will see the ban lifted on non-essential travel and bars are expected to open in Phase IV on June 13.

  • Residents are under a self-isolate order until 30 April.
  • Anyone entering Idaho must self quarantine for 14 days.


MONTANA - The governor announced a “phased reopening” of the state today. Retail businesses opened on 27 April while restaurants, bars, and casinos will open 4 May. No timeline of progression for the stages has been announced.

  • Residents are asked to wear a mask or face covering in public.


NEVADA - The governor announced a ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ will be announced Thursday, 30 April.

  • Residents are under a stay-at-home order until 30 April.
  • State parks near Las Vegas are closed, other state parks are open for day use.


NEW YORK - The governor announced additional measures to the state’s phased reopening strategy. Phase one of 12 begins with the CDC’s recommendation of a 14-day decline in hospitalizations rates. It goes on to lay out the testing and tracing regime he announced last week and ends with ensuring the safety of essential workers. Details of the plan can be viewed here.

  • Employers of essential employees must provide cloth or surgical masks if employees engage with the public.
  • New Yorkers have been advised to wear face coverings in public and remain under lockdown.
  • Residents are under a stay-at-home order until 15 May.


NORTH CAROLINA - The state has been experiencing 390 new infections per day for the last week with hospitalization rate climbing to the highest daily totals. Despite the governor’s extension of the stay-at-home order, some counties are defying the mandate and reopening certain businesses at 1700 (5pm) tonight.

  • The state is under a mandatory stay-at-home order until 8 May.
  • Effective 13 April, retail stores can only allow in the number of people equating to 20% of its fire capacity.


TENNESSEE - The governor announced the stay-at-home mandate will not be extended. Larger cities have not yet announced if they will maintain restrictions after the mandate is lifted. At present, Tennessee does not meet Phase I of the federal health standards which recommends a 14-day downward trend in cases. On Monday, some counties allowed dine-in restaurants to recommence service despite experiencing the largest single-day increase in infections on Sunday.

  • A stay-at-home directive is in place until 30 April.


TEXAS - The state’s stay-at-home order will expire on 30 April. The governor announced Phase I of a plan to reopen the state will begin 1 May with the opening of certain businesses at 25% capacity in cities and 50% capacity in rural areas. Phase II of the plan is expected to start on 18 May.

  • Austin and Travis counties are under stay at home orders until 8 May and people must wear face masks in public.
  • Businesses such as gyms and spas are closed until 30 April.
  • On 1 May restaurants, movie theaters, malls, museums and libraries can open at 25% capacity.
  • State parks and beaches are open, but park goers are required to wear a mask and stay in groups of five or less.


Useful Precautions:

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) added more symptoms to the COVID-19 list this week. These symptoms include: chills, headache, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, repeated shaking with chills, and sore throat. However, it is indicated that a person may have COVID-19 if they experience at least two of the new symptoms. Previously only three symptoms were on the list: cough, fever, and shortness of breath all of which individually can indicate a coronavirus infection. As a reminder, the CDC states that symptoms generally appear between 2-14 days after exposure.


While most cases of coronavirus cause mild discomfort similar to that of the flu, according to the CDC it is essential that people seek immediate attention if they experience any of the following:

  1. Trouble breathing;
  2. Persistent chest pain or pressure;
  3. Confusion or inability to rouse; or
  4. Bluish lips or face


For more information, please reference the CDC’s useful infographic regarding COVID-19 symptoms.


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Our Continued Commitment:

We at Patronus Medical have as one of our primary concerns the health and well-being of Private Health clients. While at the site level, it is important for all to be AT LEAST in alignment with local jurisdictional and public health guidance and/or mandates, Patronus will continue to assist and provide recommendations based on the unique characteristics and requirements of those sites, with an eye toward balancing best practice public health interventions, and workplace and worker safety, with the need to ensure to the extent possible continuity of operations and site essential tasks.

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