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Patronus COVID-19 Daily Update 3-26-2020

Posted by Kerri Wright on Mar 30, 2020 2:18:15 PM

Patronus Medical COVID-19 Update- 007

26 March 2020

Current as of 1900 EDT/ 1600 PDT


Current COVID-19 Statistics:

529,093 - Worldwide Cases (61,493 increase, up 13.2%)* 122,135 - Worldwide Recovered Patients

23,956 - Worldwide Fatalities

85,507 - U.S. Cases (15,018 increase, up 22%)* 680 - U.S. Recovered Patients

1,201 - U.S. Fatalities

United States Locations

508 - Arizona Cases

3,886 - California Cases (872 increase, up 28.9%)*

95 - Hawai’i Cases

146 - Idaho Cases

71 - Montana Cases

37,877 - New York Cases (27,877 increase, up 26.3%)*

- 21,873 - New York City Cases (1,862 increase, up 9.3%) 420 - Nevada Cases

682 - North Carolina Cases

1,542 - Texas Cases (increase 146, up 11%)*


*Calculations based on previous day’s numbers

Daily Message:

Global cases of COVID-19 have increased 13% for the last two days, and the U.S. has now overtaken China and Italy for the most confirmed cases. There is no question that the spread of the virus is accelerating, but the stage in which regions and states are experiencing it varies tremendously. Most countries have now resided to more restrictive border controls and limitations on internal movements. However, the evolution of the disease within a particular country may differ greatly from that of its neighbor, the same notion can be applied at a domestic level between states or within a state. In the coming weeks and months, some areas will witness an incredible surge in cases, where others, like China, will be trending down. For places that are ramping up, it will become increasingly more important to follow public health guidelines and for areas like China and South Korea, it will be imperative not to reinstate international travel too quickly which could trigger a second wave.

Important Updates:

International Desk

AFRICA - SOUTH AFRICA - The country begins a three week lockdown today. At present, South Africa is recording the most confirmed COVID cases on the continent with 927; however, limited testing in other countries may not give an accurate picture of how the rest of the continent is faring

ASIA - CHINA - The country reported 55 new cases today, 54 from abroad. In response the government has placed a temporary ban on all foreign travelers entering the country regardless of visa or residence permit. Airlines have also been restricted to one international flight per week with a flightload less than 75% capacity.

CARIBBEAN - While confirmed cases remain low, more island nations shutter their borders to foreign travelers.

ANTIGUAL AND BARBUDA - Beginning tonight (26 March), V.C. Bird International Airport will prohibit all incoming international commercial flights, departing flights are still operational. On 27 March, all seaports will be closed for 14 days.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (D.R.) - Following the closure of its borders on 19 March, the authorities have now placed restrictions on all non-essential movements. A nationwide curfew has been put into effect banning movement from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. until 3 April. Bars and restaurants have been closed and events are prohibited.

EUROPEAN UNION (E.U.) - European Union continues to struggle to contain the fallout from the virus despite extreme limitations on movement. There are now 14 states within the Schengen free movement zone that have temporarily reintroduced their borders in an effort to contain the spread - today, Germany became the latest to shutter its borders.

FINLAND - The country announced a drastic regional quarantine around the capitol area of Helsinki last night (25 March) for the next three weeks. This move comes after the national health authorities updated the projection of critical care cases. The majority of Finland’s 958 cases are centered in and around the capital therefore justifying a blockade around the capital region. Finland’s action models that of the Chinese’s with the Hubei Province and Italy’s northern administrative regions.

FRANCE - Cases continue to rise in France despite strict enforcement of a nationwide lockdown. France has registered nearly 1,700 hospital deaths and a 30% increase in fatalities in a 24 hour period. These numbers are expected to rise significantly once the country is able to count deaths in retirement facilities.

ITALY - Reports out of Italy are indicating a slowing of new cases, but the death toll continues to mount. Over 8,200 deaths have been recorded, significantly higher than any other country to date.

PORTUGAL - The country has reported far fewer deaths than its border neighbor, Spain, but is also behind the curve of infection. The Health Minister expects the virus will peak around 14 April whereas Spain is expected to peak by the end of the week. An effort is being made to repair non-functioning ventilators prior to the predicted surge.

SPAIN - Today, Spain extended its state of emergency and nationwide lockdown until 12 April. The order was announced as its death toll surpassed that of China’s on Wednesday. In an effort to prevent even more fallout from the disease, Spain has appealed to NATO for humanitarian assistance and has agreed to purchase $467 million worth of medical supplies from China. The shipment is expected in a week and will aid in containment efforts.

NORTH AMERICA - Non-essential land crossings between the U.S. and Canada/Mexico continue to remain in effect.

CANADA - Prime Minister Trudeau has asked the White House not to put U.S. troops on the border after the Department of Homeland Security submitted a petition to the Department of Defense earlier in the week. At a domestic level, Canada has asked all persons arriving into the country to self-isolate for 14-days, for further instructions click here.

MEXICO - Despite an non-essential travel ban between the U.S./Mexico land border, there has been little enforcement of the policy. Protests gathered today in Mexico across the border from Arizona and shut down the border-crossing for several hours. Mexican protesters argued that Americans are bringing COVID into the country and their president is doing little to stop it. Demonstrators at the blockade are demanding that testing be conducted at the border.

UNITED STATES - Today, the U.S. has surpassed China and Italy for the greatest total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 83,507 with the others trailing at 81,782 and 80,589 respectively. The Pentagon also announced the cessation of movement for U.S. military personnel, civilian staff, and families for a 60-day period on Wednesday night (25 March) in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

OCONUS Desk - With confirmed cases topping 85,000 today, the United States grapples with a cohesive containment strategy. To date, only 21 states have officially mandated that their citizens “stay-at-home.” Lack of continuity in policy could severely perpetuate the spread of the virus. In the coming weeks, the U.S. will see an extraordinary strain on the healthcare infrastructure as the number of COVID cases surge. In anticipation of this, the Army has called on retired medical staff to volunteer in support of the response effort. On a darker side, a Pennsylvanian woman intentionally coughed on goods in a local grocery store; the market was forced to destroy $35,000 worth of food. The Department of Justice has responded stating anyone that tries to intentionally spread the virus could be charged with terrorism.

ARIZONA - State officials announced today that the virus is now widespread. Health officials predicted that the cases will accelerate in mid-to-late April with peak hospitalizations predicte in May. The state’s director of health services also stated on Thursday that there are not enough tests available in the state nor are there enough personal protective equipment for hospital workers.

CALIFORNIA - The DMV announced it will close its field offices until 2 April in an effort to curb the spread of COVID. The Governor continues to stress how critical it will be to secure supplies in the days to come. The 1,000 bed Navy medical ship, Mercy, is set to dock in Los Angeles on tomorrow in support of the anticipated demand on healthcare facilities in the weeks to come.

HAWAI’I - As of today, all visitors and residents arriving to the state via aircraft, private or commercial, will be required to complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Failure to comply could be met with fines or jail time, further information can be viewed here. Hawaiians are currently under a “stay-at-home” order lasting until 30 April.

IDAHO - The governor issued a “stay-at-home” order yesterday that will be in effect for three weeks. This extends to all

non-essential business. The governor also signed an extreme emergency declaration which will make it easier to get medical supplies.

MONTANA - The governor issued a “stay-at-home” directive effective 28 March that will last until 10 April.

NEW YORK - New York has nearly 10 times more confirmed cases than any other state. Around 60% of the new cases are emerging out of New York City (NYC), the current epicenter in the United States. In an effort to encourage further social distancing in NYC, four major streets in the city's boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens will be shut to vehicle traffic from Friday to Monday for pedestrian use. As a reminder, anyone having traveled to or passed through NYC recently is encouraged to quarantine for 14-days.

NORTH CAROLINA - “Stay-at-home”orders for Durham and Mecklenburg Counties took effect today and will last until 16 April. Mecklenburg County leads the state in the highest number of cases with 204.

TEXAS - The cities of Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio have taken stricter measures calling for “shelter-in-place” directives that take effect this week. Dallas County, the state’s hardest hit, has called in the National Guard for medical help.

Useful Precautions:

Given travel advisory change to Level 4 (Do Not Travel), the State Department has issued guidance for international travelers. As a consequence of the outbreak, U.S. embassy staff may be limited in certain countries; however, the State Department has provided some useful contact information regarding COVID-19 emergencies for U.S. citizens (and permanent residents) still stranded abroad.

  • Contact the local embassy or consulate, OR
  • Call the assistance call center:
    • From the U.S. & Canada 1-888-407-4747
    • From overseas +1-202-501-4444
  • Enroll in the STEP program

Credible Information Sources:

Our Continued Commitment:

We at Patronus Medical have as one of our primary concerns the health and well-being of Private Health clients. While at the site level, it is important for all to be AT LEAST in alignment with local jurisdictional and public health guidance and/or mandates, Patronus will continue to assist and provide recommendations based on the unique characteristics and requirements of those sites, with an eye toward balancing best practice public health interventions, and workplace and worker safety, with the need to ensure to the extent possible continuity of operations and site essential tasks.


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