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The Patronus Medical Onboarding Process

Posted by Carey Grainger on Sep 29, 2016 9:01:22 AM


New patients of Patronus Medical may be wondering how their transition from traditional medicine to private health management will begin. It is understood that there will be many questions concerning the initial onboarding process: What is to be expected? Luckily for our patients, Patronus Medical takes the hard work out of onboarding by making the experience as comprehensive and seamless as possible.

Introductions and Procedures

It is important to think of onboarding as a process rather than an appointment. This initial kickoff involves the new patient and a Patronus Medical physician, although we invite the current or previous primary care physician to be a part of the process as well. Health managers, health coaches, dieticians, physical therapists, etc. can be added later in the process as the need or desire is identified in the initial phase of onboarding.

It is vital that the onboarding process occurs in person. Establishing rapport through person-to-person contact is key to a successful patient-doctor relationship. Throughout the process, some follow-up questions or test results may be discussed over telecommunication. 

In-Depth Personalization

Your vital signs are “vital’ for a reason. This is why vital signs are measured and recorded during the onboarding process. However, vital signs can be very dynamic, so the preferred method at Patronus Medical is to employ advanced technology to obtain a prolonged recording of your blood pressure and heart rate. Some people already record this data through their smartphone or fitness tracking device.

There are many other tests that may also be involved, such as genetic testing, cardiac risk assessment tests, and carotid intima media thickness and plaque assessment scanning. One of the goals of our onboarding process is to determine any need for more detailed specific screening or other diagnostic testing. 

Painless Medical Record Retrieval

Retrieving past medicals records over the years is never a simple task. That’s why Patronus Medical makes the process easier on new patients by lending a helping hand. It begins with a conversation with the patient to determine which of their former physicians should be contacted to obtain medical records. Perhaps not every medical record is necessary for future care. Patronus Medical can then help in obtaining relevant past medical history, laboratory results, and other diagnostic tests.

Exclusive Options

Not every client seeks out Patronus Medical for the same level of care. As part of the onboarding process, some clients may choose to complete a “destination” physical or executive physical. We will help screen any particular program, and the results will be reviewed and discussed separately with our Patronus Medical physician and entered into your permanent record.

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