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Could a Text Message Really Help Prevent a Heart Attack?

Posted by Patronus Medical on Aug 4, 2016 10:30:00 AM


Smart phone technology has made day-to-day life simpler and less stressful for users. Changes in weather, road conditions and special appointments can be tracked with the swipe of a finger. But could a text message help prevent you or your loved ones from suffering a heart attack?

The Trial

Recently, a six-month trial in Australia was conducted among patients with coronary heart disease.  The patients received 96 text messages from the TEXT ME project focusing on monitoring daily health routines. They would then subsequently receive further text messages giving healthier alternatives to supplement their lifestyles. Personalized texts generated by a computer algorithm would read as, “Did you drink enough water today, Bill? (8 glasses)”


The results showed that the constant reminders proved successful. Patients receiving the reminder text messages lowered their cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, and waist size. The leader of the study, Dr. Clara Chow, believes that “Doctors dump a lot of information onto patients. Texts allow us to give our support in bite-size chunks.”

Keeping track of health goals comes easier with reminders, whether it be through text messages or an app with push notifications. In the future, health reminders via text may help patients suffering from a mental health disease or diabetes. It is still important to see a medical professional before enrolling in any program to enhance your well-being. Talk to Patronus Medical today to start your own journey to a healthier life.


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